Good health comes from within – this is the philosophy at Spinal Injury Center. “We are proud to offer the community a natural, doctor supervised approach for the diagnosis and treatment of pain and disease,” states Dr. Marco Cazares, D.C., director of Spinal Injury Center. “We combine homeopathic medicine with proven, natural approaches to healing. This gives our patients a unique advantage in their quest to improve their health. The biggest benefit is in the results we get for our patients.”

Spinal Injury Center offers integrative medicine including traditional Chinese medicine, and chiropractic care, as well as rehabilitation, nutritional analysis, and specialized physical therapies designed to reduce or eliminate pain. Our team of professionals combine the best of these conventional and alternative therapies to evaluate the patient’s health problems and develop a treatment plan designed to get the best results.

The benefits of this type of approach to care is clear. Your care will be integrated and coordinated between all treating health care professionals. You can optimize treatment and recovery time through a combination of non-invasive techniques.

Our Team

Dr. Tushar Doshi

Dr. Doshi received his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in Bombay India circa 1981. He then proceeded to obtain his Diploma in Orthopedics as well as his Masters of Surgery in Orthopedics in 1983. It wasn’t long after that he became a Diplomate of the National Board of Examination in Orthopedic Surgery in New Delhi, India in 1984.

In 1986, he received his Master of Science in Orthopedics from the University of London. He began his professional career as a House Officer in Orthopedic Surgery KEM Hospital University of Bombay in 1981 and he now works as a Primary Care and Urgent Care Physician for Ironstone Medical Inc. in conjunction with serving as the primary Orthopedic Surgeon here at Desert Physical Medicine. Dr. Doshi has over 33 years of professional experience and possesses extensive knowledge regarding patient care and treatment within the orthopedic realm.

Carolina Banuelos

I was born and raised in the Coachella Valley. I am a mother of 2 children and married for 21 years. My hobbies are art & crafts and playing soccer to keep active. I have always wanted to be in the medical field just wasn’t sure as to what. I have been working in this field for 20 years, from an assistant, a receptionist, surgery scheduling and in administration.

If you were to ask anyone what type of person I am, they would pretty much say that I am a straightforward person but can be fun in the process. I had worked with Dr. Cazares back in 2001 for about 5 years then went out to explore other specialties.

I worked in an outpatient surgery facility and Ear, Nose & Throat office. After seeking other positions I have realized that working for Dr. Cazares has been more of a closer family environment which I realize I have been looking for. I believe with that type of closeness we can become a better practice to help the patient trust our work and get them feeling better than ever and continue living their lives pain-free.


My name is Sonia I am the front office receptionist of SIC/DPM, I am the newest addition to Spinal Injury Center.

I was born and raised in the Coachella Valley and started in the medical field in 2001. I have 2 young children and have been married for 16 years to my wonderful husband Anthony.

In my spare time, I love to go to the movies and enjoy my nice relaxing weekends with my family.

I have always loved working in the medical field because I am a people person. Like I mentioned to Dr. Cazares in my interview, you will never see me without a smile on my face. My patients mean everything to me and seeing the progress they are making in their health when they come in is so rewarding. I am very honored to be a part of such a great organization.


Ramon always felt a need to help others, but it wasn’t until his father was diagnosed with cancer that he decided to get more hands on in how he went about it. His journey into health began as a massage therapist where he learned the ins and outs of the human body, after six years of working on Hs own his path crossed with Dr. Cazares at Desert Physical Medicine. Under the Doctors guidance Ramon has been able to grow not only in his knowledge of treating the human body through different modalities, but his passion for helping others grows with every patient that he treats.

“I make it my personal mission to make sure that every single patient that walks in through our doors, leaves feeling better then when they walked in. There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing someone who can barely walk, who hasn’t been able to sleep in days due to the pain they are experiencing, leave with a smile, and a great sense of relief”

Through the experiences of taking his father to his medical appointments Ramon knows that sometimes it may be nerve racking entrusting yourself to some one you just barely met. As a rehab tech he provides every patient with a friendly, and relaxing environment, making sure to explain each step of the process that will be involved in their personal treatment plan. “Sometimes my father would come out of his medical appointments with no clue of why or what they had done to him, I truly believe that when a patient has an understanding of what their condition is, and what modalities are going to be used to correct it, not only are they more confident that they are going to get better, but that there success rate is greater than that of someone who walks in and out with no clue of what just transpired.”

Professional Qualifications

Ramon received his Massage Therapy Certification at the Milan Institute Completed 60 hours Physiotherapy Technician Course Completed Foot Leveler Orthotic Scanning and Fitting Training Course Continued Education under Doctor Cazares for Chiropractic Modalities such as: Ultrasound, Diathermy, Electro Acuscope, Interferential Current, and Active/Passive Range of Mot:on Exercises, Cervical, and Lumbar Traction.

Personal Interests

When Ramon is not working, he enjoys watching movies, going out to eat sushi, exercising at the gym, and practicing Taekwondo. Currently he is trying to broaden the number of languages he knows and is now in the process of learning Japanese. His goal is to be able to watch one of his favorite animes without any English subtitles.


As long as he can remember, Francisco Moctezuma has a strong interest in medical field. His goals in life is to be a Chiropractor. “I made a promise to my family that I was going to be a Doctor. I was not sure which specialty in study in the medical field, such as: pathology, neurology, or a family practitioner, until I started working at Desert Physical Medicine, I locked my career of choice in becoming a Chiropractor.’ Francisco Moctezuma has been working for Dr. Cazares for three years as a Rehabilitation Technician, volunteered six years at the Flying Doctors over in Mecca, and aid the clinic six months before he started working with Dr. Cazares at Desert Physical Medicine “I know Dr. Cazares for six years. I met Dr. Cazares when I was twenty-four years on Ash Wednesday at Our Lady of Solitude Church in Palm Springs California. I heard of his reputation as a Martial Arts instructor and as a Doctor in the Coachella Valley. I practiced at the school he established in Cathedral City, California when I was sixteen at the time, but never met him in person. So, I wanted the met him in person and the rest is history.”

Professional Qualifications

Regional Occupational Program at the Palm Springs High School 2005-2006 for Medical Assistant, six-month course in physiotherapy and modalities: myotherapy, therapeutic massage, electro acuscope, sonicator ultrasound, diathermy, interferential current, spinal decompression, proprioceptor neuromuscular facilitation technique, neuromuscular re-education, and therapeutic exercises.

Personal Interests

Francisco Moctezuma continues to practice martial arts under the instruction by Dr. Cazares, continues his education at the College of the Desert, he is a Eucharistic Minister at Our Lady cf Solitude in Palm Springs, California, A member of the Knights of Columbus, as well as spend time with his family in weekends.

If you have any questions about our Indio chiropractor, or would like to learn more about chiropractic care at Spinal Injury Center, please call us at (760) 863-5955 start the healing today!